Since 1972

Collaborate on progress, consistency and innovation.

Spanning five decades, OVSoftware Groep stands firm as a family business and employs over 150 professionals in 3 countries across 8 locations. 

Our Companies

Designing, creating and maintaining custom software solutions for businesses and public sector.

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Designing, creating and maintaining custom software solutions for businesses and public sector.

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Software testing, test automation and software development for businesses and public sector.

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Specialized in cloud-based and install-based software solutions for towers and carriers in logistics.

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SaaS platform for FMCG shippers and carriers to optimize the supply chain.

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Enterprise Content Management solutions for businesses and public sector.

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Drive progress through software technology to improve quality of life.

About us

OVSoftware Groep is a group of companies with a passion for software and technology. We build and maintain custom software systems, stretching across diverse segments. Additionally, we are specialists with IT solutions optimized for the logistics and transportation sector. 

Our guiding principles revolve around innovation, quality, and technology. The blend of which, we believe, adds value to our customers. Having a history that spans half a century and being financially stable, we bear the responsibility as a family business with long-term vision. Our collaborative back-office supports our companies in HR, finance and legal matters. And as an actively investing partner our software expertise plays a pivotal role in accelerating innovations and delivering quality. 

OVSoftware Groep was established by the Oude Velthuis family in 1972 and has expanded into a group of IT companies which currently employs over 150 professionals. Besides Enschede, our companies reside in Apeldoorn, The Hague, Raalte, Amersfoort, Münster (Germany), and Cluj (Romania). 

What motivates us

Increase customer value

Offering valuable solutions. As a family business we aim for lasting value.

Passion for technology

Our greatest asset. Our ideas and experience in the application of technology fuel transformations in the way people collaborate.

Education and development

Key cornerstones for our growth. We elevate each other by ingraining the principles of education and personal development.

Trust and authenticity

With decades of solid experience

With decades of solid experience, we stand prepared to assist and accomplish goals that yield lasting success in the IT sector of the Netherlands and Germany.

We trust each other

Remco Groot Beumer

Remco Groot Beumer Founder
and former CEO

About RGB+

RGB+, founded in 1999 by Remco Groot Beumer, stands as a leading software company with products optimized for transportation, logistics and vehicle salvage. Under the stewardship of OVSoftware Groep, RGB+ transitioned from 100% customization to a fully-fledged products company.  

Since 2011 OVSoftware Groep has played a critical – behind the scenes – role as a co-shareholder, offering RGB+ the stability as a stable sparring partner with a focus on sustainable growth. Issues such as finance, HR, and legal matters were taken care of by the collaborative back office of OVSoftware Groep, which left more room for entrepreneurship and product development. Customers appreciate having a robust family business backing RGB+. 

The Professionalization Journey 

In mid-2019 Remco Groot Beumer opted to pursue other ventures and passed the leadership fully to OVSoftware Groep, which subsequently appointed Freek van Bokhoven as the current CEO. Groot Beumer reflects:

“OVSoftware Groep provides RGB+ the opportunity to remain entrepreneurial while preserving the spirit of an SME. The group’s long-term horizon is a distinct advantage of a family business. Their vast technical knowledge around code quality and architecture empowers us to create superior products. The same rings true for the multifaceted support we receive, spanning legal advice payroll processing to achieving our ISO27001 certification. OVSoftware Groep proactively participates and supports us, enabling us to concentrate on creating fantastic software products in everyday practice.”

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